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Supplier Evaluation Criteria

Fostering Long-Term Partnerships

Cost Structure

We work with customers to discuss in detail the following costs: direct and indirect labor, material, manufacturing and process, and general overhead.

Management Capability

We know that the competitiveness of a supplier is highly dependent upon the quality of the management. To help you evaluate management we’re prepared to review both our management strategy and experience in general and commitments to total quality management, continuous improvement, employee development, technological innovation and investments, and supply chain management in particular.

Quality Systems & Philosophy

At Itasca Plastics, quality begins in the early stages of design and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process, providing an overview of our quality management process, which include  certifications and safety and training procedures.


With 24 hour production, a centralized Midwest location, and a dedicated customer service team, we work quickly and efficiently to optimize lead times to our customers. 


Itasca Plastics offers competitive industry pricing while striving for excellent quality and continuous innovation. 

Management & Employees

Our management team has years of manufacturing and design experience to solve complex problems and is committed to investing in our employees, technology, and equipment. We’re prepared to review our experience as well as our strategy and plans for the future. 

Scheduling Systems

Please reach out to us to learn about the scheduling and control  systems we’ve implemented to ensure product availability and to maintain tight delivery schedules.  

Technological Capabilities

Our capabilities range from laminating and embossing profiles to intricate multiple material tri-extrusions. We manufacture all tools in-house which allows us to build high quality, vacuum calibrated tooling for tight tolerance, high speed applications.

Sustainability Practices

Our company takes sustainability seriously. It’s our goal to minimize our impact on the planet, which means reducing waste and reusing materials in production. Contact us to learn more about our initiatives for environmental responsibility.

Sourcing Approach

Suppliers often lack an understanding on how their own suppliers are performing. We’re able to discuss our sourcing strategies and policies with you. 

Long-Term Partnership

You might be interested in a partnership that goes beyond that of a traditional purchaser. We’re fully prepared to enter into long-term sourcing that include joint problem solving, large capacity production, and sustained communication.

Financial Health

Itasca Plastics has been in business for over 20 years. We’re continuously expanding our staff as well as our technology and services offered. Contact us to learn more about our financial stability.

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